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Editing fees are charged based upon the amount of editing required. Since all manuscripts are different, we never charge a single flat rate (i.e. set price/page). We independently evaluate each manuscript sent to our attention and you are charged a fair rate for for the level of editing required. Authors receive reductions in editing fees when their manuscripts require less editing. Please contact us for a free estimate at any time (manuscript@journaldoctors.com).


Journal Doctors Inc. accepts payment by personal checks, postal money orders, wire-transfers and credit card.

Bank to Bank Transfer (Japan)
For Japanese clients, bank to bank transfers are an easy option for submitting your payment to our Japanese Citibank account.

Credit Card
We use the most trusted method PayPal for credit card transactions from any destination in the world. PayPal is a secure method that will withdraw money from your credit card account and directly transfer it to ours. Full instructions are available at (Paypal). Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the set-up.


At Journal Doctors Inc., we always respect the privacy of authors who submit manuscripts to our attention. All manuscripts submitted to Journal Doctors Inc. will be exclusively reviewed within our office for evaluation of grammar, context, clarity and conciseness only. We will never distribute material to anyone besides our editorial staff and it will never be discussed beyond the realm of scientific editing.

Optional encryption of Microsoft Word documents: Follow the steps below if you wish to take this additional safety measure. please send your password to our attention in a separate e-mail or fax. Your document will not be able to be opened if you misplace this password. We suggest that you save a back-up version of your document that is not password-protected.” to read as follows “Please contact us if you would like to place optional encryption on your Microsoft document and we can provide instructions to you.

Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement
In some cases, authors may wish to submit very sensitive material to our service for editing. We can gladly arrange a confidential disclosure agreement and ensure that this manuscript is not handled by any editor that is active in and academic or industry position. Please indicate during submission if you desire confidentiality disclosure agreement.