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About Us

Why choose Journal Doctors?

Journal Doctors Inc. is a premier English Proofreading and Editing service for authors that are seeking to publish in English. Our editorial leadership team provides you direct access to unparalleled publication, grant writing and editorial experience.

In contrast to other services, we will never utilize students or unqualified individuals in the manuscript editing process for our clients. All manuscripts are reviewed by our carefully selected Ph.D. subject editors and will receive a final review by our editorial leadership team. By working with Journal Doctors, we guarantee that English will not be a limiting factor for the acceptance of your submitted manuscript.

At Journal Doctors Inc., we specifically focus on quality and not quantity. We strive to maintain long lasting and meaningful professional relationships with our selected group of clients. We stand by our proofreading and editing product with a satisfaction guarantee.

About our name/

The vision for Journal Doctors Inc. is a consortium of Ph.D. scientists (“Doctors”) who will work with authors to help revive and bring new life to manuscripts through our effective English editing service.


"I've been using the service of Journal Doctors for nearly 10 years.  I've learned a lot about how to write scientific sentences from their careful editing and useful feedbacks.  I will continue to use their service for a better quality of manuscripts."

"Dale and his company has edited more than 10 manuscripts from my labs. He has done a great job not only polishing my English but also occasionally provided comments to improve the scientific content of the MSs. I am very satisfied with his service and will not be hesitate to use his service again whenever I have manuscript"