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Extensive editing service which aims to bring all submitted manuscripts to the level of a Native English author. Our carefully selected scientific editors are not only experts in their fields of study, but are also highly experienced in publishing and editing. Manuscripts are thoroughly edited for scientific and English content and clarity. Depending on the original quality of the manuscript, significant rewording and restructuring of text may be necessary to raise the quality of the manuscript to publication level standards


Custom translation service for authors that wish to submit a manuscript to our editors in a foreign language. We perform a primary translation of your manuscript into English with carefully selected translators. Once translated, we submit the manuscript through our internal rounds of editing in order to bring your manuscript to publication standards.


English proofreading service for manuscripts that prepare your manuscripts to meet the standards for acceptance into an international journal. This is the most basic service and is limited to corrections for grammar and English. We will not provide insight to help condense your text, smooth transitions and increase the clarity of your manuscript.

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